Choosing Door Window Panel Coverings

With the modern housing trend of having open spaces and bright, well-lighted rooms, people have gone back to the old-fashioned custom of installing doors with lots of windows in them. After decades filled with doors with no windows at all, some doors are now almost entirely made up of windows. This means that these door windows need to be covered with some type of window treatment just as any other windows do. If you have doors with a lot of windows, French doors, or even sidelights, you may be thinking of finding window treatments that will give you more privacy. By looking online, you can find dozens of great door panel window coverings that have been designed with just these windows in mind.

Door panels are usually made with two rod pockets to fit over rods at the top and bottom of the door. This is ideal, because it means that you can open and shut the door without the curtain swinging freely or getting caught in the door. These panels come in all different fabrics and colors, including many with patterns, which will match any décor. You can choose from sheer fabrics that will let in more light or heavier materials that will give you more privacy. Most styles can either cover the door completely from side to side or be pulled together in the middle with a matching tie-back.

Another kind of door panel that is available is one that can be raised and lowered much like window shades. During the day you can pull the shade up and keep it in place and out of the way with tabs that have been attached just for that purpose. At night you can release the tabs and allow the shade to come down and cover the window. Some of these shades have self-adhesive closures that can be used to attach them to the door at the bottom when they are closed.

If you have French doors or a door with sidelights, you can buy matching door panels to provide coverings for each of them separately. These sets are manufactured to fit standard sized doors and sidelights, and by purchasing each panel separately, you can buy them to fit whatever configuration you have. These door panel window covering sets will give your doors a great look while allowing you to have more privacy in your home.

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