Take The Stress Out Of Moving Day

One of the most stressful things you can do . . . but it doesn’t have to be. Help yourself get on the right path to an exciting move towards a new era in your life.

Get yourself moving boxes and supplies in plenty of time and spread the packing process out a little, easing the stress. Don’t wait till one day before the move and realise you have around fifty boxes to pack. This kind of stress is not a good start to the moving process. You may realise you need more boxes, then what? Boxes are one of the most important requirements for any size of move, from a one bedroom flat to a five bedroom house, so don’t put this process off for to long. Along with the boxes, you want to get yourself a nice black marker and after each box is packed nicely, not overfilled or to heavy, you can write on the box where you would like it to go in your new property. The moving company will now have no excuses but to put that box exactly where you want it.

Now that you have packed in plenty of time and had the most enjoyable and smooth move imaginable, what do you do with all the moving boxes after you unpack? Well, maybe you are one of the lucky ones with plenty of spare space in the attack or the garage. In that case, why not flatten out all the boxes and store them for your next move? Boxes are expensive so why buy them again when its time to move on to the next property? Failing that, why not sell them and make a little extra cash? After all, I’m sure you could put that extra cash to good use after moving into a new place. Another excellent idea is to give these boxes away to friends or family who may be moving in the near future. There are also many families out there who may not have the funds when moving to buy boxes and therefore, rely on boxes being donated on websites like gumtree or craigslist for free.

Moving with a pet? Moving is not only tough on you, it can also be very tough on your pets as well. Animals do not know they are moving like everyone else involved therefore there lives are being turned upside down and they have no idea why. Whether it is a dog, cat, guinea pig, rabbit or a parrot, the moving process can certainly affect your pets more than you may think. Cat’s for example have been known to find themselves back to their old home where everything looks and smells familiar. This is where they were brought up, where they feel comfortable and although it is no longer there home, this is all they know and where they feel safe.

If moving to rented accommodation, make sure and ask your landlord if they allow pets in the property. Many landlords do not allow pets in their properties therefore before considering moving to a rented property this must be one of the first things asked.

On moving day, try keeping pets in a spare room out the way of all the chaos in the house. Keeping them away from all the moving activity will prevent them thinking there is something wrong and getting scared. Even better if you know a family member or friend who could take your pet off your hands until the end of moving day then take that option. Not only for your pet, but for you too. Its not easy doing some last minute packing, meter readings and keeping an eye on your pet at the same time.

More often than not however, pets generally just want to be loved, and to be with you. Therefore as long as you are giving them love and attention there’s no reason why they should’t handle the move just fine.

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