Installing Water Filter Systems Solves the Poor Quality Problems

People are very much aware of how dangerous it is to drink from the city’s pipelines. Some cities’ mains are extremely toxic due to the age of the pipes under the ground. Some of them are over 75 years old. What’s worse is that these pipes are made of materials that are proven to be toxic.

And not just harmful to the human body, but it can also be deadly if they are consumed for a longer period in high doses. Since we have to use the line every day, it’s clear that we’re exposed to it all the time. 

People found a solution to this problem in installing their own wells and getting water out of the ground. Still, this solution is not perfect as this water must be tested and the quality can be good and safe for drinking, but you can never know if something enters inside it over time. See more about this here.

This is a well in which water comes directly from the ground. No one has a complete 24/7 control over it. That’s why you need to place a filter on it, and then, you can say that you have a perfect solution for the old, rusty, copper pipes that are coming from the official main.

What needs to be done?

In order to have a fully functional well, you need to install a purifying system, but not just any kind. The water coming from under the ground often contains hydrogen sulfide. Which is exactly why it might smell so weird, funny, and disgusting.

The smell is not the only thing that is a problem for those that will consume it. Sulfide is dangerous for human health if it is taken in greater amounts. If you consume it daily, it means that you’re regularly inserting at least a part of it, which after some time will become a real health problem.

What you have to do is to install a sulfur water filter. This filter is going to insert dissolved oxygen molecules that will diminish the power of the sulfide which at the same time is the one that produces the annoying smell. After this, the smell will disappear, but what is more important is that the liquid coming from under the ground will be more oxygen-rich which means it will be better.

There’s another option and it is called activated carbon. This one simply absorbs the sulfide gas making the liquid free from it. The filter is full of carbon which lets the liquid go but captures the tiny hydrogen sulfide particles providing perfect products for you.

Why is sulfide dangerous?

Scientists have proven that exposure to this chemical element for a longer period of time can be highly dangerous. Bigger amounts of it in a short period can also be problematic.

This chemical affects the human organism by affecting the nervous system and the lungs. Those who were exposed for a longer time experienced problems breading, and they also had irritations in the nose, eyes, and throat.

When it comes to the nervous system, it affects it by influencing the memory, creating headaches, balance disorders, and tiredness. None of these problems are deadly, though, but continuous exposure will result in serious problems that will make life difficult and problematic.

Are there other options?

The only other option is to buy bottled water. However, this is much more expensive and can’t provide proper usage for other needs than drinking. Washing, showering, and other needs can’t be done with bottles. It’s not the 12th century anymore and people are used to a modern type of life. They have modern needs and no one showers by pouring a bucket over themselves.

After all, you need around 90 gallons of water every day. Where are you going to get that kind of service? This is a lot and there’s no way that someone can provide this for a long time. Also, it is highly expensive so you must look for other options. These options are exactly what we mentioned above.


Some things can’t be changed. The public mains can’t be changed and how you get this service from the public institutions is not debatable at the moment. The city needs hundreds of billions of dollars to solve this problem and you know that this is not going to happen anytime soon. See more about this problem here:

Instead, you have to find your own solution. The earth provides everything that we need. We just must put a little effort and do what must be done to get its precious goods. If the earth provides this for us, the least we should do is install a filter and a purifier to have this good all the time.

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