Important Consideration for Slate Tile Flooring

Slate stone is a great alternative to normal natural stone. It is strong and resistant towards acid, water and weathering, hence perfect for flooring and roofing applications. Like other natural stone, slate is also mined from the quarries and mountains across the world. Sizable boulder of rocks are obtained from mines, which are then given a required shape and size for different applications.

As slate has water resistant and anti slip property, so it is optimal for the bathroom flooring. Another feature of resisting fire makes it perfect for the making kitchen backsplash and countertop. It does not lose its color because of changing weather and Sunlight so can be used for outdoor application of roofing and flooring. But before installing you will have to take care certain points that are discussed here.

Important Consideration for Slate Tile Flooring

  1. Buy the stone as per the area where you want to install it. Consider foot traffic, climate, water and soil of that are before buying the right kind of slate stone.
  2. Before installing slate stone on the floor make sure that you have bought right color, thickness and size of the stone.
  3. It is essential to consider the substrate over which you want to install the floor. The substrate will differ with the slate stone. Also the substrate or the lower ground on which you are going to install the state should be solid, as on flexible surface such as plywood, the state can crack or split like any other tile. You can ask more about the type of slate stone flooring from slate supplier or representative.
  4. Buy more than required inventory at a time because otherwise floor will contain different types of tiles.
  5. If you want to install slate stone on wood then do it on exterior grade plywood.
  6. Sealing slate floor is very important as this reduces the chances of getting stains on the slate. You can have a high gloss sealant as well as one with no sheen for a natural look.
  7. The substrate should not be dirty. Clean it for the proper installation.
  8. Before installation the surface should also be completely dry. Do not install on wet surface
  9. Do not keep the slate tiles as it is, but seal these properly with a sealer.
  10. Do not start grouting immediately. Give at least a day before grouting so that mortar set in properly.
  11. If you do not have an experience of working and installing slate stone then better to take the help of a professional installer than to do it yourself.

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